Essential Sessions Studios

analog synthesizer

More Than A Studio

Essential Sessions Is home to a world class audio recording studio and have hosted artists and producers ranging from Lady Gaga's band, Producer Michael Blake (Whitney Houston) and gospel great Sheila Ray Charles (daughter of Ray Charles), Tom Herbers as well as a host of local bands including Cloud Cult, Fury Things, Charlie Parr, Cactus Blossoms, Limns, The Honey Dogs, and Sims.

7ft grand piano


Our staff works to not only record audio but develop a game plan with musicians. We help encourage musicians to set goals and use recordings as a method to achieve those goals.

We commonly provide full production assistance with Kickstarter campaigns to help fund projects including a day to day strategy to raise funds through crowdsourcing. We also support artists with affordable ways to provide their audience with a constant drip of new and exciting content which may include live on-location recordings and in-studio video/concerts.